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Background Pony #E16F
My favorite part in this fantasy is the loss of control and being put in a situation where the stallions have complete and utter control. There is absolutely nothing she can do to get out of this. She is now effectively their property to do with as they please and it makes me so wet. The line "it's not like she's going anywhere" shows they are committed to keeping control of her there. The other part is the idea that they find her so attractive. They're needy, and she turns them on so much they need to fuck her. The line "I have to tell the others about this slut. I'm sure they'd love a turn too." is so hot because it implies she is very sexually desireable to them and they know their friends would love to fuck her too.

Of course it's all just fantasy, as it should stay, but still, so hot. ♥
Posted Report

red's left hand doesn't have enough space between the thumb and the index finger, which makes it look like another right hand. you need to account for the space on both hands.
Background Pony #0931
if i were one of em I wouldnt have left those soft, perfect tits unattended. I'd have squeezed em while cumming in her, maybe even titfucked her too and dumped a load all over her fucking chest
Background Pony #A819
If she didn't have such a revealing skirt maybe this wouldn't have happened.