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explicit337923 artist:amberpendant346 starlight glimmer47096 pony919525 unicorn302342 anus92963 ass46772 close-up5790 female1318553 high res24556 human anus on pony101 human shoulders916 human vagina on pony3745 humanoid torso184 looking at you159487 looking back54228 looking back at you13380 lying3540 mare456758 nudity355528 plot75753 raised tail14541 smiling234208 solo1030936 solo female175375 tail24896 vulva122247


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What's your point?
What’s your point? That nobody fucking cares? He commented on the file size and I replied to him with information about why it’s so large and so difficult to compress. Simply commenting on the technical aspects of the file itself is hardly a less worthwhile comment than your inane pseudo‐roleplaying where you ask the fictional character if you can suck on it.

@Background Pony #EA3F
When attempting to keep some fidelity to the original the file size is massive no matter what I try. The fact that it has 506,070 colours with next to no contiguous blocks or repeating patterns probably has something to do with it.
Background Pony #D632
I just noticed the filesize is massive compared to any of arts by Amberpendant.