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“What have I done? It’s the third time in this month.”“No time for panic! Just check the shipments list again.”  
“I know I know. I just wonder where am I wrong with…”  
—————————————————————————Sure Derpy wonders what’s wrong with her.  
This composition comes from an impressive shot in Season 1,which gives me an idea of a rainy scene. I’m sure you know which episode it is.  
Same to the previous one, this pic also marks one of the 24 solar terms, called Grain Rain Day, which pronounce as “谷雨” in Chinese.  
When I did the composition, I decided to use some low saturation colors for this piece. Yeah I tried but it still gives me a …too-colorful feeling. Making some changes in my painting process still one of my favorite things to do.  
Hope you enjoy and I’m glad to hear some criticisms from you.
safe1970635 artist:luciferamon336 crafty crate117 derpy hooves53992 spike87273 sunshower raindrops2560 twilight sparkle332808 dragon72141 pegasus406196 pony1322328 unicorn445920 feeling pinkie keen962 abuse8834 background pony11349 cute236039 derpabetes3325 featured image1065 female1602312 high res86640 i just don't know what went wrong396 male459510 mare617804 oops my bad73 rain7044 reality ensues463 sad28441 scene interpretation9910 sitting78559 skywagon25 stallion149965 sweet dreams fuel1885 this did not end well54 this ended in pain277 this will end in hospitalization38 twilybuse638 umbrella3223


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@MJ Nazario  
Yeah, what was Twilight thinking, walking along a public street where heavy packages could fall on her out of nowhere? It’s all her fault!

Great idea to attach Chinese traditional elements to MLP’s art, and the picture is beautiful! (with some sadness)
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I didn’t see a single rain cloud in that episode.  
Was the sad rain cliche so necessary?
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to those saying twilight is dead, she prob gonna be fine. she could’ve cast a spell to protect her but now shes stuck and has to be rescued. shes an alicorn, she’ll be fine. sorry to shit on your parade :)
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“I’m sorry, Spike, but… I’m afraid Twilight Sparkle’s body is crushed between a piano and an anvil, but if we separate the two her body will fall apart, the anvil and piano she’s crushed between are, ironically, all that’s holding her body together, so, you can have a chance to talk to her one last time, and…”
“Can I… Can I still have sex with her one last time too?”
“What a tragic twist!”
Directed by M. Nut Shamalamadingdong
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Let's keep calm here...
If I remember the episode correctly, she was back on her hooves in time to run flat-out to Froggy Bottom Bog with Pinkie, AJ, and Spike.
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