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Super proud of the lighting on this one.

Rendered at 10K (9600x5400) @ 256 DoF samples
49 lights used in this scene (2 volumetric)

Programs used:
– Source Filmmaker
– VTFEdit
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Models used:
Pony Sunset Shimmer
EQG Sunset Shimmer (for hair)
Link Pony (for hood)
Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy dresses (retextured)
Scenebuild (from Facepunch link in description, page 12 of post)
Mirror Shield
Master Sword and bow (bow is retextured)
safe (1426856)artist:imafutureguitarhero (258)sunset shimmer (50575)fairy (642)unicorn (202461)3d (51287)absurd file size (492)absurd res (61275)aiming (81)alternate hairstyle (21243)alternate mane style (62)arrow (1659)black bars (168)boots (16012)bow and arrow (813)bow (weapon) (1177)cap (3006)chromatic aberration (1237)clothes (354975)costume (21615)crossover (52946)dress (34958)duo (39063)elf hat (82)female (758253)film grain (169)glow (3338)glowing horn (13553)hat (64579)leather boots (139)legend of zelda: ocarina of time (75)levitation (8659)link (1192)link's hat (45)link's tunic (40)magic (57379)mare (334196)mirror shield (8)multicolored mane (542)navi (167)nose wrinkle (2623)one eye closed (20317)running (4613)shield (1785)shirt (17135)shoes (24011)signature (14827)source filmmaker (30576)target (126)telekinesis (20660)the legend of zelda (2737)the legend of zelda: ocarina of time (54)tunic (217)wall of tags (1772)wallpaper (16513)weapon (22773)


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Discount Slav
I think the artwork that I made that had the most lights was one of my TF2 ones from a while ago (on my DA page), but out of my MLP ones, this one has the highest number, in front of
with 44 lights, and
with 43 lights.
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