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explicit465037 artist:screwingwithsfm1354 fluttershy256071 rainbow dash277297 anthro354660 plantigrade anthro50433 screwingwithsfmverse53 g42006904 3d120858 anal36417 animated124791 armpits46758 big breasts123796 breasts385163 busty fluttershy23590 busty rainbow dash11116 exhibitionism13124 feet53894 futa60945 futa fluttershy4981 futa on futa5481 futa only2429 futa rainbow dash4778 horsecock97784 intersex63315 loop7316 nipples238898 no sound6531 nudity505202 penetration86762 penis210188 screwingwithsfm's rainbow dash351 selfie4880 sex168530 ship:flutterdash5960 shipping251229 sluttershy1289 snapchat630 source filmmaker67296 webm25275


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SFM Ponies
I’m using that same fluttershy model as him for a animation and the front of her hair is glitching out. I can’t find out how to stop it no matter what I do. Anyone know the fix to it. Disabling jiggle bones doesn’t work and there’s no front hair bone.
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Whish he would screw the fps up to 60.  
That would be a big upgrade to his videos.
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Ya planning to do some Futa Evil Dash X Futa Rainbow Dash thing?
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also i hope in the future someone could request a short movie called rainbow dash snapchat adventures where she has fun with each of her friends and records it
not a orgy mind you just one at at a time
if i was a pledge id request that in a heartbeat