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SFM Ponies
I’m using that same fluttershy model as him for a animation and the front of her hair is glitching out. I can’t find out how to stop it no matter what I do. Anyone know the fix to it. Disabling jiggle bones doesn’t work and there’s no front hair bone.
Background Pony #CFFB
Whish he would screw the fps up to 60.  
That would be a big upgrade to his videos.
Background Pony #6189
Ya planning to do some Futa Evil Dash X Futa Rainbow Dash thing?
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also i hope in the future someone could request a short movie called rainbow dash snapchat adventures where she has fun with each of her friends and records it
not a orgy mind you just one at at a time
if i was a pledge id request that in a heartbeat