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“The summoning was a success.. soon enough, dozens of drenched tentacles emerged from the depths of her black magic, wrapping around her body with force, as she felt the lips of her pussy spreading wide open to welcome its hunger.. “
We can finally post our work made for the RPG ArtPack !! Here’s the second piece I made for it, featuring the one and only Pinkamena, abusing her talents as a summoner..!
explicit362524 artist:lonelycross486 pinkie pie220590 pony1015324 art pack:rpg22 black magic57 blackletter386 bookmark236 candle4921 clothes477425 collar34679 consentacles1291 creampie32140 cum81892 cutie mark49916 dock52234 female1406077 kinkamena214 licking20913 licking lips4432 looking at you176408 penetration61265 pentagram656 pinkamena diane pie19399 sex126167 socks68735 summoning214 tentacle porn8209 tentacles12183 thigh highs38306 tongue out108673 uncial script28 vaginal41208


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Background Pony #31AD
Pinkamena makes best tentacle-summoning sorceress. I bet she’d make friends with them, too!

Wake up. We're here.
I’m sure they have something more interesting for mages, wizards and sorceresses.  
Something like golems, Bigby’s hands (hoofs?), summoned bondage equipment, mind controlling…  
But I’m more interested in rogues. Consequences of failed stealth rolls or backstabbing some mares or maybe hiding in the open while having sex. I dunno. But it must be something fun!

Wake up. We're here.
So the concept of possibility making magical things while not being a unicorn are not enough?
Well, even if this is a chaos magic (I don’t really think so) then who of all the ponies doing some pretty chaos-y stuff on daily basis?  
And come to think of, her knowledge about the 4th wall suggests that she can know about other dimensions too, dimensions of unknowable and unspeakable. Or about things that lies between them, between the 4th and 5th walls for example.

Channeling the magic is not the same as Alchemy. Shamanism uses the power of Spirits, and Spirit Magic is not connected to Eldritch Magic (tentacles from Chaos Dimension lul).
Here we see a Mud Pony, Pinkie Pie, channeling Eldritch/Chaos Magic. The type of Magic that is only achievable for talented Unicorns.
Long Story Short: Diabolist Pinkie is a headcanon with a very weak and shaky foundation.