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explicit362474 artist:selenophile1066 derpibooru exclusive29382 gallus7000 ocellus5455 sandbar5614 silverstream6312 smolder8255 yona5233 changedling8803 changeling49951 classical hippogriff5123 dragon58922 griffon28045 hippogriff10172 pony1014992 yak4754 anus100551 balls79875 big penis11618 bisexual5693 blowjob32917 casual sex1085 cute206227 dark genitals11768 diaocelles1060 diastreamies1213 dock52221 dragoness9016 erection15640 exhibitionism9290 eyes on the prize5581 female1405816 gallabetes863 gallbar514 gay28712 gay in front of girls557 grabbing balls70 harem934 holding penis224 horsecock72046 imminent blowjob630 imminent oral921 imminent sex7393 licking20910 licking cock4992 male389408 medial ring6380 nudity383405 open mouth155362 oral50499 penis159607 penis awe72 plot82272 sandabetes712 sex126151 shipping206167 smiling262503 smolbar37 smolderbetes1193 straight140655 student six1663 tongue out108652 underhoof53922 urethra2484 vein4182 watching1281 yonadorable781


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

How is this bisexual if onely Gallus and Sandbar havind a sexual intercurse and the girls are just watching them? I think we can remove that tag.
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

friendly art program
@Crimson Prose  
well thats the thing about groups of friends with unbalanced numbers of either gender… if there are only two males in a group of friends fans usually make the odd males out gay for each other and if there are more males than females then the odd females out get shipped as lesbians… gallbar is no exception and I personally find it adorable…
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

friendly art program
@Background Pony #00EF  
I dont see no hook… plus in the show dont beaks function more like lips than beaks anyways? I mean gryphons in the show even have teeth and the shape of their beak frequently changes with expression… in short I think sandbar is in for a nice blowjob with his cock deep in Gallus’s throat… I actually did an art piece like that…
Background Pony #04AD
All he can do is lick. He has a hook in his beak so unless he opens his mouth unnaturally wide, what goes into his mouth, stays in his mouth.
Artist -

Aw the classic scheme of girls won’t mind us showering if they think we are gay trick. With a side bit of look at how gay we are and how un-threatening/aroused you can become from our penises. The scheme shall work and the ladies shall fall right into Gallus’ and Sandbars’ hooves/claws respectively.
Kagura Kuroko

Heh, all it takes is a ‘gay in front of girls’ tag to make an overrated as hell gay shipping into a pic I can actually pop a boner for. :P
Look at Silverstream and Smolder: they’re loving what they see! :D
Background Pony #89B9
Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!” shouted all the girls as Gallus did his job while Sandbar tried his best to not let out moans of pleasure.