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Coloring comission i did last week that was too spicy to post on my tumblr.
Flat color base >>1085579  
Original sketch >>1083368

explicit464169 artist:bluedrg19292 artist:cabrony300 color edit8908 derpibooru exclusive39873 edit171062 princess luna116206 human240383 pony1579910 g42004806 anatomically correct35028 anus135109 bedroom eyes80975 blushing268306 butt grab4071 colored24595 dock69914 doggy style10123 female1778456 from behind18217 grope18961 hand on butt4217 high res405893 human male8551 human male on mare4474 human on pony action12900 interspecies31124 looking back84767 male542156 mare726854 nudity504243 penetration86561 ponut62944 sex168191 straight176202 the ass was fat20792 vaginal56318 vulva186358


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Background Pony #C27A
Also, if you wanted colored piece, just ask him. It’s not that he doesn’t color his works.
Background Pony #C27A
NOTE: The original artist(Bluedrg) is feeling very upset and uncomfotable about this, since someone else is might got paid by using his drawing without notifing or approved by him. He is not sure that this is paid commission or not, but if it is, he wants to stop doing that.