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dead source47648 safe2198864 artist:pencil bolt560 mean applejack314 mean fluttershy282 mean pinkie pie259 mean rainbow dash240 mean rarity311 mean twilight sparkle974 queen chrysalis42621 alicorn319699 earth pony515280 pegasus507973 pony1629349 unicorn550293 g42055089 the mean 61917 clone3523 clone six66 everfree forest2606 evil rainbow dash156 evil smile6573 female1830476 glowing horn29568 greedity165 grin64036 horn204392 i'm surrounded by idiots30 looking at you265042 magic98016 mare758858 mean six90 rock6351 shovel1341 smiling406265 telekinesis39670 tree50576 unamused24403


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