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safe1749201 artist:charliexe364 flash sentry13158 sunset shimmer64739 trixie68702 wallflower blush2228 equestria girls206737 equestria girls series34667 forgotten friendship5659 angry28037 annoyed5597 boots22909 clothes475429 crossed legs3335 female1400775 frown23545 high heel boots5872 high heels11758 hoodie14928 leather1283 leather vest82 legs8817 looking at you175465 pants15291 photo81445 photobomb214 schrödinger's pantsu411 shoes38684 skirt41032 skirt lift4814 smiling260493 socks68489 sunset shimmer is not amused160 sweater14904 thighs15042 unamused16735 upskirt denied160 wallflower is not amused7


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Everything is Everything
Wallflower: "Good thing I decided to wear pants to school today."
Sunset: "Why do I have this sudden urge to kick someone's ass?"

Meanwhile. Flash looks totally oblivious as to why everyone's pissed off at him… :)
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@Background Pony #C620
Yah, i agree. We need some actual likable male characters in EQG. Where's Sunburst or Doctor Whooves or even Discord, i mean i'm not Discord's biggest fan but atleast he as character and not just "ohhh look at me and banging mad b*tches, take that stupid bronies i'll mess up your dreams, look at me I can get pussy when you cannot becausd your a pathetic loser, GrapefruitFace, your a pathetic loser and no one will want to make you to you and now i'm gonna take away some fictional characters for you so you can feel more like shit!" Also f*ck mudbrier, Maud Pie deserves better. Also TImber and Mudbrier are probs wife beaters as well, i can just tell. And why can't we have more relsonships like Suger Belle and Big Mac, bring in a new character that's in a relsonship from the start so we don't make em our waifus then some Boring stick fucker comes along and makes us feel even more like shit.

That’s the point of Patreon. The more you pledge, the more content you can access. Uploading the exclusives elsewhere defeats the purpose.