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Colored version of JJ’s FleurTrixDance, originally commissioned by Terrans117.  
explicit398768 artist:johnjoseco4496 color edit8219 colorist:lanceomikron80 edit150340 fleur-de-lis4118 princess cadance35772 trixie72954 human186859 alcohol8419 bedroom eyes68972 breasts324723 busty fleur-de-lis676 busty princess cadance3693 busty trixie4652 casual nudity8549 colored21404 confident936 crown22888 cutie mark on human2320 female1538593 females only14538 glass5544 hips3107 hot tub379 humanized107280 jewelry84281 night30864 nipples198790 nudity430525 regalia27125 seductive pose1967 sexy35449 skinny dipping911 smiling309965 smirk14994 standing in water100 stupid sexy fleur-de-lis267 stupid sexy princess cadance441 stupid sexy trixie437 underass2907 vulva151036 wine2959 wine glass1801


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“Okay, I got it. Now drink that champagne so I can get a pic with a rose wine.” (…then maybe you’ll be more open to different poses!)
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Because COLORING!!
You’re welcome! I was in the mood to color something, and this one just called to me.
Indeed, given the lighting that was already present in the sketch, it seemed appropriate to use the glowy water trick I used in my Ember colorings.