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safe2208545 artist:moozua291 derpibooru exclusive41326 starlight glimmer60978 pony1638978 unicorn555045 g42063551 :t4477 blue background10954 blushing281586 boop9487 cute270882 eye clipping through hair15805 female1842190 glimmerbetes4831 glimmerposting292 lidded eyes50119 mare766007 meme95070 raised eyebrow10122 scene interpretation11066 self-boop509 simple background614718 smiling410344 smirk18548 solo1454286


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Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
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Converting Vegetarians
The self-boop is a blasphemous act that should be treated with the harshest of punishments.
Boops are given, not to oneself.