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Giant shy isnt going to allow the meanie dragon eat her snacks…friends.
suggestive145479 artist:ponythroat531 applejack171513 basil399 fluttershy214882 pinkie pie218175 rainbow dash236177 rarity183618 twilight sparkle303099 dragon57499 earth pony256637 pegasus300028 pony987363 unicorn332349 comic:stop eating my friends11 dragonshy942 female1381410 fetish40775 flutterpred646 giant pony4706 giantess4182 macro11088 mane six32235 multiple prey751 pinkie prey600 throat bulge3661 vore14607 voreception70


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Background Pony #E1C4
From the thumbnail I thought she was eating lobster, but for some reason angry about it. All I can say is: wat