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safe1923138 artist:geraritydevillefort353 applejack184935 rainbow dash255129 equestria girls228530 appledash7143 blushing231528 boots27222 bridal carry515 carrying2586 clothes541426 compression shorts1430 cowboy hat21036 crossed arms6606 denim skirt2018 embarrassed13206 female1557871 freckles34914 hat104340 jacket15514 lesbian106684 long hair5371 multicolored hair8427 one eye closed38554 shipping225084 shirt31075 shoes47249 skirt46667 smiling316535 stetson5392 sulking61 t-shirt5530 wink28940 zettai ryouiki2087


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Background Pony #3370
Applejack: “Tell me I won, or ah’m carryin’ you to Rarity to get gussied up.”