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safe1949620 artist:geraritydevillefort353 applejack186551 rainbow dash257455 equestria girls231264 appledash7178 blushing235348 boots27834 bridal carry533 carrying2631 clothes551177 compression shorts1440 cowboy hat21488 crossed arms6723 denim skirt2021 embarrassed13420 female1582669 freckles35821 hat106789 jacket15908 lesbian107746 long hair5581 multicolored hair8666 one eye closed39209 shipping227504 shirt31819 shoes48453 skirt47363 smiling324542 stetson5440 sulking61 t-shirt5633 wink29232 zettai ryouiki2089


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Background Pony #3370
Applejack: “Tell me I won, or ah’m carryin’ you to Rarity to get gussied up.”