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Aftermath of >>1722599
Applejack, though surprised at first, can’t help but joke at Rarity’s situation and agrees to help her out. Rarity even found that getting milked isn’t so bad XD
suggestive (113033)artist:blupolicebox (32)applejack (147797)rarity (157606)cow (2545)earth pony (148122)pony (697681)aftermath (213)ahegao (18357)bedroom eyes (44355)bell (2844)blushing (153756)bucket (1823)cowbell (838)cowified (470)dialogue (50631)duo (39118)duo female (5897)female (759699)female orgasm (461)floppy ears (41301)grin (28030)high res (17202)imminent sex (4164)implied lesbian (2529)implied orgasm (102)implied sex (2790)implied shipping (3568)lesbian (81840)looking at each other (12546)looking back (41804)looking forward (155)milk (2915)milking (972)moo (62)open mouth (104157)orgasm (6819)raricow (671)rarijack (6022)shipping (164419)show accurate (7747)simple background (290688)sitting (46074)smiling (183109)species swap (15771)speech bubble (16661)speech change (43)stool (1280)tongue out (75763)transformed (184)transparent background (151801)udder (990)


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