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I gotta ask… All those years dealing with Canterlot politics doesn’t count as acting experience? :)
It’s a different context. In a sense, yes, it can be seen as “acting” or something like it to deal with other people in that way, however, experience and expectations can vastly alter one’s own performance.
If she associates her experience from being a politician/ruler as being separate from what is desired of an actor, or if she has unrealistic expectations associated with acting, then you get what happens in this episode.
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In all seriousness though, the play probably wasn’t meant to be a literal reenactment.
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People think anyone can play themselves in a play or a movie. But it’s actually still pretty difficult for someone with no training.
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Take it from someone who’s worked on the stage before; there’s a common saying among actors that the hardest role you can play is yourself. It’s not surprising that Celestia, who has no prior stage experience, would have significant trouble playing a depiction of herself.
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And it’s OKAY. If you can’t act, direct and coordinate. Handle the SFX too.
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This is great, she looks so embarrassed, but she still looks so cute and loveable, I want to help her, Good Job Darkest Lunar Flower! I wish I could have seen the episode( Or anything past the first half of season five) But I have no means with which to do so, unless I want background commentary(I don’t) Or to pay per episode or season on YouTube(I don’t want this either) but this still looks so good!

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After watching the episode, I have to wonder if Princess Celestia’s case couldn’t’ve been handled better. Since she was going to be playing herself, maybe she could’ve been reminded of how she felt when she was first going to raise the sun for the first time, then if could revive those feelings for her performance. Was the way she felt about learning about the play Twilight was going to put on similar to how she felt back then? If so, then maybe she could’ve applied those emotions to her performance. Also, performing on stage, was she nervous? Maybe she could do something to relax.