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An animation of >>1141384
…which did indeed get painted almost 2 years ago to the day.

Sweet Celestia.

also I need sleep but really who needs sleep
safe (1425388)artist:bra1neater (68)artist:equum_amici (157)princess celestia (83433)princess luna (87830)alicorn (162580)pony (688078)umbrum (874)the crystalling (1972)1000 hours in after effects (5)60 fps (339)animated (84525)badass (2509)beam (231)blinking (2824)blizzard (240)cinemagraph (220)cloud (28387)crystal empire (1779)duo (39015)epic (1228)female (756933)flapping (590)flying (29743)frown (19540)glare (7557)glowing mane (296)gritted teeth (9116)magic blast (737)mare (333738)no sound (2366)painting (2856)royal sisters (3217)scene interpretation (6894)snow (10851)snowfall (3841)spread wings (40850)unshorn fetlocks (18564)webm (7286)wind (915)windswept mane (2308)wings (52650)


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That’s not the issue

There’s a lot of jpeg… mostly noticeable when zoomed in (which I guess is why clicking "view" helps because it views a little smaller

After clicking "view" it’s covering about a 2560 x 1440p screen area, I’d say… without clicking view it’s over 3840 x 2160 since I have it zoomed in a bunch

If I zoom out, sure… a lot of the jpeg is not noticeable

Point is, for this complex and long of an animation, 11mb is just not enough… kind of my fault for having zoom up so much by default, though…. because I like the thumbnails really big so I’m using effectively 225% zoom but I really need to find a way to zoom it out when viewing an image….

Oh and not to mention it’s using VP8 instead of VP9… so that reduces efficiency for quality versus file size quite a bit… at least 15-20%, probably
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Yeah the WebM’s quality seems a bit off. Hopefully OP can reupload a better version of this and then merge this image onto it?
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