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Master Fox

I think the Stalkers where fun to play with. Also, did you ever feed the stalkers? Did you even know that was possible? I did a few times. You can technically tame em so a few of them don’t attack you as often.
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@Master Fox  
Leviathans are ironically much easier to scan, because they can’t spazz out and turn on a dime unlike, say, sand sharks and stalkers. Just wait for it to come at you, dodge, scan.
Master Fox

When I played Hardcore mode I had a zoologist challenge. I had to scan all creatures without the use of the stasis rifle EXCEPT for the Leviathans. The hardest was those stupid exploding fish.
Background Pony #7B46
I saw the Thumbnail and instantly knew this was a Subnautica reference. I been playing too much of it that no matter where I turn, I fear running into Reaper Leviathans. Their wails still haunt me.