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Fourth doodle
safe1923075 artist:twidasher250 rainbow dash255119 twilight sparkle327256 alicorn265192 pegasus384184 pony1270592 abstract background19898 blue feather48 element of loyalty1306 element of magic2855 female1557800 grin50196 lesbian106680 looking at each other26286 mare590036 shipping225078 simple background481945 smiling316514 twidash5575 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135898


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Heh, about time. I like how you properly post it with several links. Maybe I’ll use like that in the future.
#65 doesn’t make public. Because that part when Twilight and Dashie started kissing in the story. Truffle being paranoia about that pics to be tagged as suggestive by default, so he holds that back and skipped right to #66.
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“Swapped accessories” thing doesn’t quite work if it’s Elements of Harmony.
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I miss the show so much
Oh dear. This image has been sitting in the middle of the gallery for a month and no one uploaded it, until now? How did we miss it?