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I'm a comedic genius.

Okay, so I know that the original picture was a parody of something and this is likely what that character said, but I got so caught up in editing that I didn't care, lol.

suggestive128104 artist:dsp2003738 edit117759 editor:moonatik72 oc605419 oc:brownie bun951 earth pony199331 pony846334 :33902 :3c24 abstract background11867 clothes409349 comic101503 dialogue60584 ear fluff23398 female899909 hoof over mouth198 mare415856 open mouth123216 parody15215 pop team epic101 single panel387 size matters10 small penis humiliation352 smiling215140 solo973570 solo female168608 stars13433 sweater13168 text51141


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