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safe1707580 artist:badumsquish1967 derpibooru exclusive28415 sunburst6773 human154745 pony968731 unicorn323922 badumsquish is trying to murder us166 beard3637 blaze (coat marking)1350 coat markings4583 crystal empire2259 cute199982 facial hair5876 facial markings1782 feeding1316 glasses61976 goatee1512 hand8746 horses doing horse things1260 licking20202 licking lips4299 male373126 offscreen character34200 pov14022 show accurate15525 solo1065016 stallion109006 sugarcube194 sunbetes281 tongue out104061 want182


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Background Pony #C8E8
@Dirty Bit
Also, I don’t remember much about it, but I remember one scene with Spike in a bakery, just eating a lot of doughnuts, and a stallion said "don’t you think you've had enough?", to which Spike replied "I'll tell you when I've had enough!", or something to that effect.
Background Pony #6DDF
Hehe, that's just my super-ghey/fangirl/boy squeal

Getting a bite from nerd beardpone wouldn't be in my shortlist of things to do, but for such a chance I'd definitely take the risk


My headcanon is that most ponies are embarrassed of "acting horsey"

That sounds cute, and like it could lead to some interesting situations :3

Wonder how they would react to having their ears scratched in public
Background Pony #1FA9
@Bexar Bandito
Funny you should mention that…are you fammiliar with the audio-drama series "Doctor Whooves and Assistant" by
Ponies With Pockets Productions? You reminded me of this scene.
Background Pony #6DDF

Good lord, what wouldn't I give to have a chance to feed nerd hikikomori horse some sweet treats, he's such a cutie

Also, it's not demeaning, it's absolutely adorable and a perfectly natural reaction, Anonymous Shouting Pony Quoted in Description