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explicit471551 artist:cainesart174 princess celestia112681 sweetie belle56731 alicorn314035 unicorn537728 anthro359582 g42028518 areola31121 arm behind head10134 armpits46949 belly button110679 big areola9161 big breasts125670 breasts390861 busty princess celestia13794 cutie mark51404 delicious flat chest6352 duo169769 duo female30903 female1802156 flatie belle143 hand on hip13377 high res407797 huge breasts58234 inverted nipples2244 looking at you259173 nipples242459 nudity512464 older39950 older sweetie belle3857 phone wallpaper431 smiling397260 sweetielestia20 the cmc's cutie marks5170 vulva190329 wallpaper20828 wallpaper for the fearless2013 wide hips30430


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I love Sparity as a disclaimer…
But this image, first thing I’m thinking is “I wonder how Sweetie’s reacting that her drakefriend mom is none other than Princess Celestia.” Then followed by “I’m gonna rub this into Big Sis’s face so much…hehehehehe”
While Princess Celestia is probably thinking “My son’s got good taste. I’m so happy that he’s dating somepony his own age, though I have to show to Sweetie Belle that she’s got a ways to go to get close to me.”
Don’t judge….I’m pretty sure some of you are thinking this…