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Uploaded by Background Pony #B8C9
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explicit362509 artist:cainesart153 princess celestia96915 sweetie belle49784 alicorn233631 unicorn344311 anthro270321 areola19182 arm behind head6844 armpits43438 belly button81606 big areola6099 big breasts86375 breasts289583 busty princess celestia10616 cutie mark49912 duo65102 duo female12038 female1406031 hand on hip7584 huge breasts40200 inverted nipples1831 looking at you176401 nipples175974 nudity383441 older27906 older sweetie belle2484 phone wallpaper328 smiling262571 sweetielestia19 the cmc's cutie marks4777 vulva132738 wallpaper18875 wallpaper for the fearless1788 wide hips18356


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I love Sparity as a disclaimer…
But this image, first thing I’m thinking is “I wonder how Sweetie’s reacting that her drakefriend mom is none other than Princess Celestia.” Then followed by “I’m gonna rub this into Big Sis’s face so much…hehehehehe”
While Princess Celestia is probably thinking “My son’s got good taste. I’m so happy that he’s dating somepony his own age, though I have to show to Sweetie Belle that she’s got a ways to go to get close to me.”
Don’t judge….I’m pretty sure some of you are thinking this…