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Since we’re obviously not allowed to post direct leaked content, I remake the leaked schedule.


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According to the dates, 5 "CYOA" are being released in February/March, where 5 more are being released in July/August. Seeing that the app has 10 "CYOA" shorts released, I think they released them all already.

As for the "Together Forever" shorts, the leak revealed the shorts, but through animatics…
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If these dates are correct, and based on what was released on the Discovery Family app and the leaks, is it safe to say that all the "Together Forever" and "CYOA" shorts have all been released already?
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I’m certainly looking forward to "Me, My Selfie and I". From what’s been leaked, seems like it’s gonna focus mainly on Rarity and Applejack, and it’s gonna be awesome to have those starring an EqG special, more so a long one. Rarijack episodes are near always quality episodes.
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