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Pinkie Pie (other version)

dead source47441 suggestive193562 artist:chigusa167 pinkie pie259853 human254765 g42065937 alternate hairstyle39018 ass81998 balloon13292 balloon riding384 balloonbutt6758 big breasts129810 bikini babe868 bracelet16345 breasts401183 busty pinkie pie14676 butt238639 chubby17684 clothes651003 confetti2751 curvy10330 cutie mark51400 cutie mark on human2636 female1845312 flower40902 flower in hair13087 huge breasts60108 humanized121582 jewelry118035 large butt35303 looking at you268440 looking back89628 looking back at you31127 open mouth245884 party cannon2095 patreon15494 patreon logo9776 ponytail28416 rear view23576 sexy47585 smiling411458 solo1456690 solo female239943 stupid sexy pinkie1246 swimsuit40343 the ass was fat21546 thick6330 thighs29462 thong swimsuit1006 thunder thighs17146


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Pretty sure she is riding a Cattex GL500 or GL700. These are quite long, according to a quick search, the GL500 is 170cm long while GL700 is 220cm. They are quite popular balloons on balloon fetish videos for being, well… long. There’s a few other smaller variations, but I think GL700 is the longest.
I have seen a few videos with the balloon having the same color as the one here on the picture. Balloons from brands usually have a limited set of colors, but not always.
Or based on someone’s else comment, it could be her Party Cannon too.
Background Pony #3D24
Shit if this is what the back looks like then my dick couldn’t handle what the front looks like