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PTA alpha version 0.01.1 released!  
Here’s a bug fix to version 0.01! This will be the last version of this build until the next update. Also included is a new SFW version for all you other fans out there to enjoy!

safe2155164 artist:facelessjr556 artist:spookitty125 cherry berry2507 cloud kicker2359 derpy hooves57074 doctor whooves11751 junebug430 lyra heartstrings33901 mayor mare3802 pinkie pie253710 raven1001 sunshower raindrops2685 time turner11751 pony1583120 g42007422 close-up8736 extreme close-up363 fan game503 friendship1639 friendship express645 game4777 hug37198 magic95584 pony tale adventures57 train3399 train station604 visual novel192 worried5586


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You’re joking, right? How is that hack job supposed to be better than the original logo? The original looks like Pinkie with the title worked in to the shape of her body. It’s cute, cleverly executed, and perfectly legible once you start actually looking at it.  
You hacked her legs off and erased the outline of the tail, making that part of the logo illegible. It’s most certainly NOT an improvement.

oh no
beautiful stuff. had a good laff. thanks, komrade.
in case anyone is wondering (if it weren’t obvious), logos don’t have to depict the entire subject. it can portray the most notable parts of the subject that it’s for. in the case of my edit, the head (i know it seems decapitated but i’ve seen logos where it doesn’t seem so cut off) and the tail. some of the most important features of pinkie’s image. it works because people here can recognize what it’s describing.
again, it was a quick, very rough edit. i didn’t mean for it to be perfect.

oh no
apparently i can’t edit comments, so i’ll just add this on:
like i said, it’s unreadable. it has a very unique idea which is good, but with the letters being awkwardly smushed together, the outline’s color which is hard to tell from the pink color, and all of it being wrapped in an edgeless, seamless figure, it makes the letters rather difficult to distinguish from one another. i think that removing some of the parts of the pony should be removed and more kerning in the letters, because right now it looks like it reads pnyjae. a good logo should be at least easily readable when glossing over it.
i made a quick edit, sorry it’s not perfect but i’m super tired rn.  
see how much more pronounced that looks? believe me, i know they have a great idea with that logo, no doubt. it’s the execution that needs work.

oh no
i should probably elaborate on what i meant: it’s unreadable. i’m thinking that it would look better if instead of a pony that looks like text, it’s text that looks like a pony, if that makes any sense.

oh no
finally, a new nsfw poner game for the first time in ten thousand years.
knowing that not very many would associate with a game in these themes, i’m not expecting a well polished masterpiece as it’s being developed by two people.
one small nitpick though:
that logo is fucking grotesque. i can see what you were trying to pull off, but wow did it come out really fucked.
i’m sure you’ll get that sorted out since it’s only the early stages of development though. best of luck to the both of you.

Dear Hasbro,
Please don’t be a money grabbing piece of shit and cease and desist this game, please, we’re begging you
The Brony Fandom
Background Pony #281A
…this will attract a lot of hate for me, but why do I get the feeling this is another promising game that will never see the light of day in a completed state like all other really good and promising ones we had so far?