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explicit390016 alternate version59808 artist:haltie186 fluttershy227976 anthro292952 alternate hairstyle31260 asking for it359 big breasts96258 blushing222308 breasts316153 bust60960 busty fluttershy19440 chest fluff47797 choker15278 chokershy300 cum87775 cum in mouth11948 cum on breasts3147 cum on tongue699 dialogue73819 eyeshadow19747 facial9014 female1504129 heart54984 holy fuck the choker actually broke149 imminent sex8205 looking at you196893 makeup27243 mare558909 nipples193192 nudity420299 oral54039 oral creampie5675 ponytail20966 propositioning126 running makeup2352 sluttershy1198 solo1185346 solo female195825 speech3243 stupid sexy fluttershy1266 tongue out118661 until the choker breaks311


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Background Pony #2443
She probably calls it that because it’s usually one of the first things a new husband is going to stick it in.
Lil Miss Jay
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Butt Zebra
Lawdy lawdy I’m gettin’ the vapors!
fans self
Always nice to see someone who memes my follow-up half of it! Rei deserves most’a credit for the meme, but I like getting the occasional “You too, Jay. <3” :)
Thanks Haltie!

Jesus, never stop drawing because you really don’t draw enough! Your adorable ponuts, chest fluff, the way you draw snouts, breasts they are just the perfect size not to cause backbreaking issues. Just, keep, on, being, awesome!