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Best end
Color of Binky's qt Glumshrooms(now with slightly less crying pone) :D

Done with permission c:
safe1602209 artist:binkyt11960 artist:dragonpone342 color edit7156 derpibooru exclusive24989 edit121851 starlight glimmer45188 bird7186 mushroom pony53 original species22228 adorawat52 blushing180267 bush2399 colored18063 crepuscular rays2486 cute183958 dialogue60263 fungus37 glimmerbetes3540 glumshroom7 happy28463 looking at each other17433 looking up14506 meme79310 micro8426 multeity2087 mushroom865 open mouth127772 rock4104 size difference12636 smiling221487 speech bubble20834 starlight cluster79 sun6049 tree28748 wat18557 wow179 wow! glimmer577


not provided yet


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