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hi! Constructive criticism is always welcome

explicit482574 artist:tigraine8 derpibooru exclusive41338 princess luna118783 alicorn322312 anthro368261 g42063925 3d125572 animated128352 balls112554 blender15281 bouncing balls309 breasts400589 cum107995 endless orgasm219 fleshlight709 futa62798 futa princess luna3168 intersex65318 nipples248784 no sound7033 nudity524633 onahole271 penetrable sex toy969 sex toy34718 solo1454870 solo futa21760 webm26788


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Background Pony #16C5
This is sorta the vibe I’m getting too. It looks sexy, but it’s also unfortunate that she doesn’t get that feeling of release.
Aside from that: MOAR of Jerking off/penetrable sex toy stuff please.
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<insert memes here>
This is gorgeous, the animation on the balls is great.
@Cogs Fixmore  
the endless cumming is great
I’m not sure though, she looks kind of frustrated instead of pleasured. Maybe that’s all just pre and she can’t quuuite push herself over the edge, even with that toy.
When you’re too used to your sister’s heavenly mouth to be able to get off any other way and she went to visit the Crystal Empire for a week
“Why… Won’t… You… Cum… DAMMIT!”

I tested the POV of the toy and it just made me dizzy lol… I don’t know if it will be worth it to spend another 8 hours rendering it x.x

Thanks! I’m working on another one with Trixie and Twilight… might finish it in 1 week, and I’ll improve some things like facial expression and physics
Background Pony #B047
This isn’t bad but being a princess, I would think she would be more…capable. Basically bigger, longer and harder cumshots and more endowed down there. Other than that this is pretty good. Can’t wait for what you come up with next.
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Smooth movement, excellent cum fluid, and an almost seamless loop. Consider me very impressed. Only thing I might change is make it a little brighter.