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explicit465346 artist:hoodie349 twilight sparkle354829 alicorn310271 pony1583118 semi-anthro22013 g42007420 ahegao33555 anal36449 anal creampie12343 anal orgasm5485 balls108089 clothes625938 creampie44335 cum103942 cumming31584 dialogue91136 floppy ears71954 futa60983 futa twilight sparkle6749 glowing horn28736 heart74719 heart eyes29088 horn179548 horngasm1048 horsecock97864 intersex63354 magic95584 magical unicorn mayonnaise256 male543382 male on futa1580 medial ring11656 nudity505503 offscreen character51316 open mouth233292 orgasm18005 penetration86850 penis210322 reverse cowgirl5234 sex168708 shirt39549 socks94041 sweat39873 tongue out145022 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148091 vulgar24992 wingding eyes38859 wings217274


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The Shadhavar Reborn
Actually. I was curious about that as well. I remember seeing an artist back on e621 who had a style similar to yours back in I think 2013-2014 who always had Fluttershy in a pastel green jacket with a heart on it. The artist made some Flash Animations on e621. And I haven’t been able to find them since then.
Background Pony #0808
Is the artist from Poland? I remember vaguely some “Hoodie”~~named artist back in 2012, but he was a beginner… is this the same person, who just “git gud”?
If yes ~~ props to them!