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safe2173814 artist:mysticalpha2137 discord37540 fluttershy258543 lord tirek6286 queen chrysalis42156 alicorn314033 changeling65888 changeling queen23876 draconequus20312 pegasus496272 pony1601999 comic:day in the lives of the royal sisters35 g42028511 animal8189 background pony12289 cake12875 canterlot castle2955 clothes634238 comic135402 crown29903 dialogue92955 dress61991 drinking straw1443 female1802144 fire15860 food101265 gala dress5438 horseshoes2967 jewelry112993 mare740714 nose piercing4244 nose ring3080 open mouth237424 peytral7485 piercing63995 property damage379 regalia36411 septum piercing1201 silhouette3366 speech bubble39374 suit9019


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The Lost Primarch
Plot Twist: None of this ends up being Chrysalis’ fault and it’s actually the fault of an escaped Tirek’s revenge rampage.
…Although Chryssi did end up with a stomach ache after ingesting too much cake and was bloated for the next 24 hours.