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Refined version of >>1502437

explicit482817 artist:selenophile1599 princess celestia114405 alicorn322464 pony1640354 g42064606 absurd resolution68159 adorasexy13061 alternate hairstyle38971 anatomically correct37063 anus141340 blushing281867 both cutie marks14707 butt238315 chalkboard3708 chest fluff68171 clitoris43446 clothed ponies438 clothes650286 coffee5091 coffee shop105 counter470 crotchboobs31490 cup9292 cute271076 cute porn7670 cutelestia4343 dock73766 ear fluff53147 exhibitionism13767 female1843637 grin64622 large butt35220 lights1373 lip bite15669 looking at you267994 mare766981 menu307 mug6474 multicolored mane5497 multicolored tail3888 nipples248900 nudity524890 on back35258 on table511 plot148768 ponut66095 praise the sun2436 presenting35820 public2175 public nudity4892 purple eyes6584 restaurant1071 sexy47515 short mane2098 short tail2019 sillestia340 silly9030 smiling410854 socks98037 solo1455453 solo female239750 sparkles9738 spread wings98919 starbucks423 stockings49935 striped socks28867 stupid sexy celestia2324 sunbutt6162 teats11616 the ass was fat21522 thigh highs61886 underhoof70646 vulva196618 vulvar winking18694 wall of tags7103 wingboner9740


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Background Pony #ED69
My favourite Celestia pic. The somewhat short back-legs and the cute, short-cut mane really makes her look like a teenager here. :)
Background Pony #8C4F
that’s a cute face, and the bg it’s amazing, but those legs are just so weird looking, specially her left leg, the stripes are the ones giving that weird shape
He’s right, the left leg looks strange, especially the thigh seems off. Besides that really good job.

Even though this is a shoutout to starbucks (with the symbols on the cups and al), I feel like the kona coffee on the chalkboards is a reference to that one lilo n’ stitch episode where they needed pure kona coffee to reverse the effects of one of the escaped experiments, I forget which though :/
I Was Never Here
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Jpegs are mostly fine these days. Most of bad rap they get comes from conversion and compression artifacts that a lot of programs used to leave on them that aren’t nearly as common as they once were.