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Commission for NostradamusT  
Thank you for your patience!
Commission Information:  
Hey there!
I’m updating this journal entry from time to time, working on a more simple look, to make it easier for you to find the basic information you need about my commission prices and additional offers.
Please feel free to write me a note if you have any questions.
I speak English, German, Russian and Latvian btw., so please text me in one of these languages.
I’m mostly drawing ponies, but dragons, grifins, diamond dogs or deers are welcome too.
Recently I also started to accept anime-human commissions. Please contact me for prices.

safe2173378 artist:wilvarin-liadon286 rainbow dash279784 twilight sparkle357575 oc947023 oc:cinder254 alicorn313931 pegasus496115 pony1601592 unicorn537553 g42027516 arcane arts15 arcane magic22 campsite29 cloud43201 crescent moon2821 curved horn11419 cute265606 feather8626 featured image1210 female1801694 field1857 floppy ears72938 flying55009 glowing horn29120 grass15330 horn190016 levitation16240 looking up24010 magic96579 mare740490 moon31394 mountain7599 night37794 night sky2884 pen1617 ponyville7842 prone35173 quill3391 rainbow6716 rainbow trail984 scenery10431 scenery porn1129 scroll4322 sky23117 solo focus29327 spread wings94388 stars23386 telekinesis39030 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149060 wings222735 writing1531


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I already had this image in my favorites but I’m really glad to see it again. It’s really gorgeous. I also like this person’s OC too. She’s rather cute.