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Fashion pone has focused on work and neglected staying in shape again.~
suggestive159591 artist:two-ton-neko293 applejack180825 rarity194768 earth pony312555 unicorn393306 anthro292138 absurd resolution69204 ass58811 bbw4725 bedroom eyes66892 big breasts95945 breasts315148 busty rarity14507 butt135329 chubby cheeks4411 cleavage38317 clothes518351 cowboy hat19722 eyes on the prize5931 fat24377 female1499913 hat99356 huge breasts44681 huge butt11693 implied lesbian3887 implied rarijack478 implied shipping5706 impossibly large breasts19001 impossibly large butt8105 impossibly large tail95 impossibly large thighs801 impossibly wide hips2438 large butt21331 mare556322 obese12849 raritubby1161 rearity5292 simple background454835 size difference16540 ssbbw1906 stetson5235 the ass was fat16692 thunder thighs10523 wide hips21138


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I see Applejack has her eyes on the massive marshmallow-y prize. She “helped” Fashion Pone get this big with an unrelenting and ever-increasing supply of apple-based desserts, didn’t she?