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Fashion pone has focused on work and neglected staying in shape again.~
suggestive162335 artist:two-ton-neko293 applejack182329 rarity196425 earth pony322312 unicorn402724 anthro296077 absurd resolution69625 ass61064 bbw4781 bedroom eyes67815 big breasts97807 breasts319556 busty rarity14725 butt143396 chubby cheeks4485 cleavage38754 clothes526177 cowboy hat20168 eyes on the prize5976 fat24642 female1519060 hat100959 huge breasts45505 huge butt12074 implied lesbian3931 implied rarijack484 implied shipping5765 impossibly large breasts19234 impossibly large butt8240 impossibly large tail96 impossibly large thighs823 impossibly wide hips2476 large butt22054 mare567668 obese13015 raritubby1177 rearity5432 simple background464576 size difference16798 ssbbw1931 stetson5284 the ass was fat16933 thunder thighs10827 wide hips21659


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I see Applejack has her eyes on the massive marshmallow-y prize. She “helped” Fashion Pone get this big with an unrelenting and ever-increasing supply of apple-based desserts, didn’t she?