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My piece from the “That’s Bucked Up” fetish pack!
explicit343445 artist:meggchan692 king sombra13624 princess cadance32285 shining armor22841 alicorn218880 pony940046 unicorn311463 ahegao24000 anatomically correct23303 anus94586 balls74136 bisexual5377 blushing192775 cadance gets all the stallions28 collar32190 creampie29735 crown16248 cuckolding727 cum77730 domination1931 female1337134 fetish38775 frog (hoof)12233 from behind12965 horsecock66768 horseshoes2146 jewelry60806 leash7527 lovebutt1210 male362933 malesub4887 necklace17970 nudity361760 open mouth140244 penetration56438 penis149879 plot77009 polyamory6646 ponut42422 princess shoes144 regalia19082 sex118385 shiningsomdance24 shipping196393 somdance104 straight133509 submissive16226 tongue out101048 underhoof50687 vaginal38425 vulva124619


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Background Pony #5F47
But really. Shining is gonna have to use his tongue afterwards, either to clean out Cadance or push that cum further inside.
Background Pony #4254
Unf. The looks tell quite clearly how consensual this is (we don't get any Sombra eyes but I have the sense there's no twisted red horn or even green sclera right now), so I don't mind too much. Afterwards, Shining Armor better get to eating his wife out and cleaning her up good with his tongue or Flurry Heart might not be his daughter.
Background Pony #9E8D
Don't worry, Shiny, you'll be getting a big old mouthful of cock soon enough! <3