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My piece from the “That’s Bucked Up” fetish pack!

explicit465347 artist:meggchan735 king sombra17045 princess cadance39547 shining armor27698 alicorn310271 pony1583121 unicorn529193 g42007792 ahegao33555 anatomically correct35141 anus135458 balls108089 bisexual6686 blushing269127 butt226966 cadance gets all the stallions30 collar47287 creampie44335 creampie-eating318 crown29443 cum103943 domination2825 female1781945 fetish56338 frog (hoof)19819 from behind18256 high res406248 horsecock97865 horseshoes2910 jewelry110813 leash10494 lovebutt1948 male543384 malesub7416 necklace31821 nudity505504 open mouth233292 penetration86850 penis210323 plot141167 polyamory7863 ponut63141 princess shoes1026 regalia35758 sex168712 shiningsomdance32 ship:somdance211 shipping251363 stallion191846 straight176747 submissive22979 tongue out145023 underhoof68043 vagina54545 vaginal56473 vaginal creampie7289 vulva186984


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Background Pony #5F47
But really. Shining is gonna have to use his tongue afterwards, either to clean out Cadance or push that cum further inside.
Background Pony #4254
Unf. The looks tell quite clearly how consensual this is (we don’t get any Sombra eyes but I have the sense there’s no twisted red horn or even green sclera right now), so I don’t mind too much. Afterwards, Shining Armor better get to eating his wife out and cleaning her up good with his tongue or Flurry Heart might not be his daughter.
Background Pony #9E8D
Don’t worry, Shiny, you’ll be getting a big old mouthful of cock soon enough! <3