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She said "there is no wrong way to fantasize," but she hadn't seen the Internet.
safe1653869 anonymous artist2593 princess celestia92926 alicorn214308 pony918366 /mlp/9317 4chan6582 applejack's cutie mark45 blushing188874 chest fluff36184 colored18703 computer5937 cute191829 cutelestia3486 dialogue62783 drawthread2314 female1317597 floppy ears49590 frown22219 funny4012 funny as hell484 gray background6737 horrified602 internet285 mare456284 neck fluff712 oh no273 open mouth136260 scared10053 scaredlestia21 simple background375858 solo1030123 spread wings51705 table8828 there is no wrong way to fantasize54 traumatized234 wide eyes16621 wings96348


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Background Pony #1340
She found the chapter of "Starfleet Magic" where Twilight got killed, didn't she? Poor, naive princess…