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My part of a birthday exchange with cbatie11

explicit343445 artist:burstfire277 nightmare moon16696 alicorn218880 anthro253895 areola17046 big areola5749 big breasts79531 boobjob4324 breasts269929 busty nightmare moon1337 cutie mark46633 erection13505 eyelashes9364 fangs24496 female1337132 helmet10557 horn62193 horsecock66768 huge breasts37263 impossibly large breasts16436 licking19760 licking lips4201 male362933 nipples161575 nudity361760 penis149879 precum10322 sex118385 sexy28474 sparkles4300 stupid sexy nightmare moon863 tongue out101048 vein3506 veiny cock2175 wings101217


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Could you imagine the back pain trying to hold those things up? XD other than that. It's a great pic :3
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¡Arriba Perú!
This seriously has to be one of the best NMM pieces of art out there.
I usually don't like NMM but omg. Fantastic work, Burst~.
Background Pony #6ABF
This is great, but the nosebridge of the helmet looks off. Not sure why you've done it like that.
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It's kind of hard to shade a character if their base color is already pitch black, so I went with a shade of blue that accentuated the image well (which seems to be what a lot of other artists do when drawing her, I've found).
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gawd I dunno what it is about the tits you draw but they are just the best

although shouldn't she be darker? NMM is closer to black than blue