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"Free bit down so hard one of his teeth cracked in his mouth. His amber aura quickly turned darker, forming a different pattern than it normally did. The ground would begin to glow around the 1,000 year old druid in every direction. Stone spikes would begin to fire out of the ground in an attempt to impale the tree, if they managed to penetrate the wood thick, but sharp barbs would form on the spikes to hold the tree in place. A ocean of fire would surround Free Form and the damned Druid. Free watched, his eyes showing he wanted nothing more than to watch the druid scream in agony. That is ALL he wanted. No longer was this a war between Free saving the Gryphons, or peace being restored to the Eirish lands. No this was about killing this elder, this was about gaining pleasure from watching his corpse burn and crumble to ash, for him to become one with Equus once again. His magic roared as an ocean of flames gathered around the both of them. Trying to kill the druid immediately would end this pleasure that Free was experience far too soon he thought…no. Actually this wasn't Free Form thinking. this was the crystal. Free had no control in this situation. All that was left was a body, and a crystal, of which only one was in control. And it most certainly wasn't the body. Free would send more spikes hurdling towards the tree, hoping to impale it more if the first few had done the job already."

This image was inspired by one of my responses in the Roleplay for The Battle of South Port, two months ago.
safe1709061 artist:freeformedto29 oc686230 oc only449651 oc:free form16 pony970133 unicorn324499 amber eyes80 angry27284 black magic55 bust50130 curved horn6737 fangs25418 fire11443 glowing eyes11167 gritted teeth12285 gums53 long mane3312 looking at you169083 male373606 portrait31014 shadhavar16 solo1065976 teeth9830


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