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explicit416967 artist:spectre-z190 apple bloom56360 big macintosh31302 earth pony361247 pony1322904 animated112985 applecest2558 arm behind head8467 barn3948 barn sex355 blinking4648 brother and sister5607 clitoris34833 duo117537 faceless male5868 female1602861 filly84720 foalcon20500 gif41440 glazed dick3748 grin52962 happy sex2591 hay1803 horsecock85981 incest15921 legs in air4524 macbloom403 male459687 medial ring9022 missionary position5034 nudity452117 offscreen character43930 on back29605 open mouth197676 penetration74488 penis187470 perfect loop1872 roll in the hay7 rope14175 rope bondage6000 sex148692 shipping229706 show accurate23288 show accurate porn8860 siblings15312 size difference18150 smiling331080 stallion150041 stallion on filly1084 straight159537 sweet apple acres3466 underhoof61730 vaginal49025 vaginal secretions46759 vulva160918


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Background Pony #D253
trap rumble getting it from thunderlane would be so hot too to have a colt version :o
Background Pony #852D
If Spectre doesn’t do the other two CMCs next, I’d like to see him do another animation with Rainbow (pony, of course), but with a random stallion, not Soarin or Big Mac or any of the other overused characters for porn.
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It’s both awesome and disappointing to see a show accurate loop, Awesome because I LOVE show accurate porn but disappointing because its only a 4-10 frame loop and doesn’t show him finishing inside her. :(
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Young Leosword
Use Flash? XD
The show’s style is fairly simplistic, and since it’s made digitally, and especially since the tools used to animate it are available to the public, it’s not impossible to replicate it. Ooh, and also especially with pre-made Flash sprites available on DA among other sites. Custom sprites are definitely doable, though, yeah. It’s about as easy as making porn of Earthbound sprites. X3