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suggestive150261 artist:zelc-face307 adagio dazzle13430 equestria girls209917 rainbow rocks18618 absolute cleavage3698 adorasexy10260 alternative cutie mark placement1829 beach babe743 belly button82506 bellyring1487 big breasts87614 bikini19253 bikini babe747 breasts293268 busty adagio dazzle1671 cleavage36052 clothes482963 crotchmark365 cute208152 female1419240 gem6397 grin41999 looking at you178694 one-piece swimsuit4831 piercing44040 purple swimsuit269 sexy31223 siren gem1971 sling bikini1506 smiling267047 solo1109138 solo female185441 spiked headband157 stupid sexy adagio dazzle510 sunset5663 swimsuit30133 thighs15674 underass2654 water14471 zelc-face's swimsuits55


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ADAGIO: …It Will be looong night, anon (¬‿¬)  
ANON: “legs, Boobies, hips, legs, boobies, hips,…. Good God!!” (⊙ω⊙)  
ADAGIO: Before the sunset, u will be… Hihi… Tired ^ ‿ ^  
ANON: (••) ( • •)>⌐■-■ (⌐■-■)
Background Pony #AFD7
It might be that they don’t think of their human bodies as being beautiful. As they used to have glorious, gleaming scales and suddenly… don’t, they might even think they’re all kind of ugly now, if only by comparison. I think it’d be like if you were morphed into a hybrid of man and insect; no matter how many other bugs/bug-people tell you your exoskeleton is the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen, I’m not sure how many of us would take such sentiments to heart.
Of course, that’s just a guess. Could just be that the attention they could get for being pretty wasn’t enough for the trio and they wanted enslaved masses, or even specifically to be adored for their voices, for all we know. :s