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safe1708155 artist:uotapo944 rarity182010 sweetie belle49071 equestria girls200714 age swap81 blushing197931 book33513 clothes460236 cute200064 diasweetes2921 female1364715 hairband1262 older26771 open mouth146188 pants14575 raribetes5404 role reversal1391 sewing580 shirt24967 siblings8625 singing6371 sisters8867 sitting63353 skirt39818 smiling248960 uotapo is trying to murder us175 younger17398


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Background Pony #5B11
Like with the other 2 that were done, this is so adorable. Uotapo, you've done so well with this concept & more of this would be nice to see from you, please.
Background Human
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Oh my gourd, that little Rarity.

"I'm gonna make the bestest dresses when I grow up!"
"I know you will, sis."
"And I'm gonna be a pony!"
Background Pony #D42A
D'awww, big sis Sweetie Belle is singing to her little sister Rarity as she sews. This is so cute.
Soda Fizz
Artist -

Why am I here?
Mother and son? Huh, weird but kinda interesting lol.
Although I don't think there's a lot of "sons" even from the mane 6's fam, there's only like Big Mac, Zephyr and Shining afaik. .w.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

This proves that one day, Sweetie Belle will grow up to be as beautiful as her sister. As for young Rarity, well, we already knew that she was adorable ever since the Cutie Mark Chronicles.

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@Soda Fizz
I'd say Twilight and Spike. I know people interpret their relationship different but they always struck me as being like brother and sister. Shining and Twilight are both already adults so there's not much difference there. Then again, the artist uses Equestria Girls so there isn't really a human Spike to use.
Soda Fizz
Artist -

Why am I here?
I dunno, I think Twi should be age swapped with Shining since he's Twilight's "real" brother.

@Ping_chan @Beau Skunky
Also, Spike and Ember age swap could be cute, but I think this is more of a "sisters/brothers" age swap and both Spike and Ember are not related (at least I don't think so) so I don't think that would happen. .w.
Beau Skunky
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Too cute. Maybe now they can both understand what it's like to be the older/younger sister.

@Soda Fizz
Spike & Ember maybe? (Preferably in their dragon forms. Tiny dragon Ember would be cute!)
Soda Fizz
Artist -

Why am I here?
Now that all of the CMC have age swapped with their sisters. (well, kinda sister for Scoots)
I wonder who's Uotapo age swap next? :3