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Description from source  
Inspired by S07E04 “Rock Solid Friendship”.

safe2208543 artist:brutalweather studio169 derpy hooves58174 starlight glimmer60978 pegasus512255 pony1638975 unicorn555044 g42063550 rock solid friendship1362 :t4477 abuse9758 angry37283 animated128332 annoyed7378 anvil253 apple of eden10 ball5645 box6536 confused6846 crepuscular rays5371 cute270881 derpabetes3833 derpy hooves is not amused87 female1842187 food103798 frown37018 gif49981 glare9107 glimmerbuse332 gritted teeth19885 growling524 happy45617 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios349 implied pinkie pie1118 looking back89358 mare766004 muffin7619 nose wrinkle4005 open mouth245282 perfect loop2292 pizza2823 pizza box548 raised eyebrow10122 running8280 scrunchy face8320 show accurate27295 slapstick317 smiling410343 smooth as butter58 solo focus30791 squee2139 that pony sure does love muffins659 throwing743 trotting2136 unamused24606 underhoof70588 wall of tags7087 wavy mouth5699 wide eyes20071


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Background Pony #3441
You don’t want to mess with the pony who can shrug off an anvil to the face…