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explicit (295127) artist:arctic-fox (389) bow hothoof (827) rainbow dash (209858) soarin' (12869) windy whistles (1681) pegasus (207506) pony (765173) blowjob (26702) blushing (162270) caught (2757) cum (67555) cum in mouth (8659) cumming (17025) cute (160004) cute porn (6314) embarrassed (9221) female (811240) funny porn (955) horsecock (54395) male (276308) male pov (6107) mare (366514) medial ring (3468) nudity (308964) offscreen character (26054) oral (41121) oral creampie (4405) orgasm (7402) patreon (10818) patreon logo (7885) penis (127425) pov (13689) rainbow dash hat (8) rainbow dash's parents (329) sex (98695) shipping (171994) soarindash (4430) stallion (80558) straight (113847) windyhoof (265)


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Background Pony #B25E
The questions are:
1) Did they have that banner waiting or did they just draw it up now?
2) What is Windy planning on doing while cosplaying her daughter in this situation?
Crimson Prose
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

Gore Fics For Fun
And then Soarin finds out why Rainbow never wants to go to her house after their date.

@Lord Seraph
On the other hoof, this is like the ultimate parental approval of a coltfriend. It beats dating someone with parents that hate you.

On the other other hoof, they may have just delayed the creation of their first awesome grandfoal by interrupting her before she climbed up on it for another go.
Background Pony #F323
Wish my parents were like that. It's always "What are you doing" and "how the hell did you fit all that downyour throat" and "I'm taking away your Junkrat body pillow"

@Officer Hot-Pants
And thus all mares of Equestria were order to partake in The frist ever Equestria CockSucking Championship, where the true winner to be crown was…Fluttershy?

Cadance: "How could this be I could somehow expect Chrysalis beating me but you? Where did you get so much cocksucking experience?"

Fluttershy makes her two cake face while trying to keep herself from looking at the group of her cheering animal "friends".
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Background Pony #03E3
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