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Twi: “I’ll just have to enjoy it while it lasts.”

safe2174340 artist:silfoe1575 spike92405 twilight sparkle357744 alicorn314126 dragon85411 pony1602480 royal sketchbook618 g42028887 baby16498 baby dragon4346 cute265747 cutie mark51419 dragons riding ponies871 duo169926 feather8635 female1802681 folded wings19958 green eyes9785 horn190442 looking back86536 male550707 mama twilight1198 mare741030 purple eyes6021 quill3391 riding9165 scroll4322 smiling397425 spikabetes2660 spike riding twilight578 spikelove1271 twiabetes15286 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149123 wings222996


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Background Pony #F04B
Unless, you know, one day she gets powerful enough that she can intentionally repeat what she did when he was born, just instead of growing him she can shrink him for a while so they can enjoy these moments again. Or use the same spell they used to turn into Breezies to temporarily turn him into smaller creature so they can do this agian.
This is all of course assuming these spells even work on a grown dragon, since the characters kind of have a history of not even trying them on large/strong creatures, its possible it doesn’t work, in which case, just enjoy it while it lasts Twilight (which will probably be hundreds/thousands of years).
Damn, I wasn’t expecting to put that much thought into this.
Background Pony #4ABF
I’ve always appreciated the effort Silfoe puts into the relationship between Spike and Twilight.