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explicit (282480)artist:ralek (1212)oc (525425)oc only (364344)oc:ralek (219)griffon (21378)absurd resolution (61365)balls (58001)beak (462)belly (20552)body pillow (2924)body pillow design (1764)chest fluff (25781)claws (3863)griffon penis (70)knot (2968)male (258169)nudity (294857)paws (3567)penis (121664)ridged penis (24)solo (876358)solo male (21067)talons (894)wings (53098)

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Wallet After Summer Sale

they’re making the design for one right now, if you want proof look at their past broadcasts on 7/2/19 on picarto, and you didn’t hear it from me, but it’s apparently gonna be 7.5 by 2.5 feet instead of about 5 by 1.6 feet for a normal daki
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Background Pony #35AC
I’ve made a Decision. I’m going to get a commission from this guy, and if I’m correct, and Raleks Face is usually one of concern, and I purposefully ask for a commission of Ralek with a concerned expression, He will look double concerned.
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Background Pony #35AC
Why does Ralek always have a concerned look on his face? It seems like no matter what he does he always looks concerned
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