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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full You picked on the RIGHT treasure price to haggle with, ‘cause I’M A CRAZY B%&CH!!!
full And YES, Joshscorcher!! fullThere IS a confectionery WMD^ called a party nuke!!”:youtu.be/LoFr6d-EdZQ?t=607 full
^ W eapon of M essy D estruction
Knife wielding thief: Swindle by ReversedCarrot
Gun wielding thief: Tricky by FerntheDiamondDog
Pinkie Pie Design: >>210831
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safe1993681 artist:meiyeezhu332 pinkie pie240352 oc848339 oc:swindle1 human208324 angry33099 anime6870 at gunpoint132 atomic bomb196 belly button97389 belt7883 bomb735 boots29074 clothes567733 comic125348 crime118 criminal103 ear piercing36463 earring27746 explosives372 funny4936 furious404 gift wrapped949 gun18844 hammer2056 handgun3541 hilarious131 humanized111511 imminent death2918 implied suicide216 ionizing radiation warning symbol48 jewelry93313 knife6431 midriff22072 nervous7412 nuclear weapon288 old master q504 outdoors16415 parody16724 piercing54616 pistol2560 radioactive240 reference4809 sandals5229 scared12779 shocking28 sports bra4326 suicide bomber23 surprised11440 sweat34339 sweater17637 thief391 this will end in death3130 threat474 threatening464 traditional art132293 unexpected167 weapon37143 wrapping paper88 yelling3861