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The Japanese text to the right of Sunset Shimmer (her
right, not your right) does translate to "Sunset Sushi".
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Also, tacos
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Background Pony #F1D0
It’s been stated that ponies don’t eat meat. It’s also been stated that the farm animals aren’t being raised for meat, and that even animals like pigs are being raised for other purposes. Whenever a food that would ordinarily be meat-based shows up in Equestria, they instead have a plant-based substitute, which is where we get carrot dogs and hayburgers. Ponies even talk to some farm animals like they talk to people. We’ve seen them giving prey animals to obligate carnivores, but we haven’t seen any ponies eating meat themselves, and there’s a lot of evidence that they don’t.

Sunset Shimmer may be in another world, but she’s not the type of person to start eating meat just because it’s common among humans. Especially because human society already has people who don’t eat animals. I know that people like to make jokes about bacon because of her hair, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to get angry about her not eating animals because they hate vegetarians.
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