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Otro rápido coloreado de este boceto:
¡Ahora Applejack a la mexicana!; Afro Applejack aquí:
, Applejack en color poni aquí:

another quickly coloring of this sketch: >>829184 In this one Applejack it’s a mexican girl; Afro Applejack here: >>1347811 , poni coloring Applejack here: >>1347978

PD: Viva Applejack!

Colored with GIMP.

safe (1461257)artist:baekgup (330)edit (103436)editor:rmzero (124)applejack (150633)equestria girls (164081)boots (16531)clothes (366909)colored (15714)cowboy boots (1115)cowboy hat (11073)cute (154493)dark skin (3444)denim skirt (1243)food (53203)hat (67269)jackabetes (4470)pantyhose (3004)sitting (47586)skirt (32339)solo (896068)

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2 comments posted
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Wallet After Summer Sale

I’ve had the idea myself of interpreting AJ as Mexican (to be quite honest, just to mix it up from the homebody southern white girl she’s usually portrayed as, which…most non-whites ain’t blonde, so that makes sense).

My foundation for this is the American cowboy/cowgirl archetype actually borrowing quite a lot from the original mexican methodology of the vanquero.

Nifty to see I’m not the only person with this idea. :D
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