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sidejack/appleswipe is missing from this lineup.
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I have the Optimus Prime and Twilight Sparkle. My sister got me Twilight because she likes to tease me about liking MLP (nothing malicious, mind you) and I got the Prime for the sword since TF figures with 5mm hole hands can hold it (just sand down the pommel).
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Technically there's the escaped Prisoners who are called decepticons… but it seems to be an "in name only" kind of decepticon thing with anyone who's "evil" being a decepticon.

I honestly really hated that series :/
Looking forward to when they end it and reboot. (I liked prime though)
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No Applejack, no Fixit.

Meaning neither set has the orange one who talks funny. Make of that what you will.

@the metal bronyhead
Megatron was not in RiD2015.

I think the more significant part is there's _ no Decepticons at all_.
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@Darth Prime
I think its because Applejack reminded them of the McDonalds brothers(Dick and Mac), the real founders of McDonalds. But hey. At least it ain't Flim and Flam(Who's similar to Ray Kroc)

In other news, I'm calling out the image for "Autobot Bias."
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No. The REAL question is not where's applejack, but "Where's STARLIGHT?!"